Frequently asked questions

Buying a car

Do cars suggested by Car Butlers have warranty?

Yes. We will always look for cars that are sold at car dealerships registered with the Dutch vehicle association for consumers (BOVAG). This means that cars suggested by us will come with a minimum of 3 months warranty. This also means that warranty matters always need to be solved with the car dealership directly and not with Car Butlers. We are however happy to liase if necessary.

What if I don’t want to buy any of the cars offered by Car Butlers?
We want you to be happy. If you’ve selected the buying Premium plus pack and you feel the right car is not in our selection we’ll offer you one more round of 3-5 cars. If you’re still not satisfied we will aim to find a solution together.

Will Car Butlers suggest cars with a damage history?
If you’ve selected the buying Premium plus pack we will research if cars in our final selection have a damage history. If it’s a mild damage (bumper respray or dent pulling) we might decide to still recommenced the car if there’s no visible damage leftover. We will inform you about this in all cases. We won’t suggest the car if we suspect or know about a more servere damage. The Premium plus pack also includes a CARFAX report (verified damage and service history) of your final selection.

What does the 100% return on investment of the Premium plus pack mean exactly?
We guarantee that our price negotiation with the car dealership leads to a minimal price discount of € 250 or added value worth € 250 (like a set of winter tires and wheels or extended guarantee). This way you’ll always earn back your investment or it could lead to even more than that. Please consider that we guarantee our 100% ROI on cars priced > € 10.000.

What’s included in the purchase inspection (Extra service)?
We have a network of automotive professionals that can perform purchase inspections on location within 48 hours after you’ve ordered it. You will get:

  • a full report on the technical status of the car
  • a trouble code computer diagnosis (OBD2)
  • repair or service advise
  • paint thickness report (damage indication)

How does it work when Car Butlers joins my visit at a car dealership (Extra service)?
We offer this service from Monday – Saturday. At the car dealership we will take care of:

  • a basic (cosmetic) purchase inspection
  • a thorough test drive
  • handling the price negotiation for you in case you want to proceed

We guarantee a 100% return on investment up to €250 for this extra service if you decide to buy the car. Please note that you can also order this service and not be present yourself. If you do want to be present but are not able to make it we expect you to cancel your appointment 24 hours before the appointment is set to take place. No refunds are given if you cancel within 24 hours.

How does the 14 day trial period work (Extra service)?
We have a few online Sales partners that offer a 14 day trial period. If you buy a car online at these companies they will offer a full return on a ‘no questions asked’ basis in case you want to reverse the deal. Please choose this free of charge Extra service if this is more important to you than finding an exact match with your preferred car. This automatically excludes the 100% return on investment from the Premium Plus pack because online car dealerships only offer fixed prices.

Can Car Butlers also do the price negotiation if I select the Premium pack?
We suggest that you select the Premium plus pack in this case. This way you also benefit from the 100% ROI on your investment.

I’m using my EAA driving license for driving in The Netherlands. Can I register a Dutch car to my name with this?
Yes. However, you’ll need to do so at a desk or branch of the Dutch Vehicle authority. Addresses can be found here. You’ll also need to bring a personal data statement that can be requested at the municipality where you are registered as a Dutch resident. If you hold a Dutch driving license, the car dealership can register the car on your name.

Car leasing

I have been told that private lease is not an option for expats. How is this possible at Car Butlers?
Private lease is a popular form of driving a car without any suprises. Credit conditions are however strict. If you’re new in The Netherlands most leasing companies wont’t be able to help you. We have made arrangements with a selection of large car dealer ships that are willing to offer private lease plans to expats. Through Car Butlers you get access to flexible plans of all premium brands against competitive pricing.

Book your free mobility consult in case you would like to learn more.

Car relocation

I still have questions regarding the Import / Export pack.

Please request a call back and we’ll help you decide if using one these options is the right choice for you.

Selling your car

What happens if Car Butlers isn’t able to help sell my car?
There’s a no cure, no pay guarantee for the selling Wholesale pack. This means you get a full refund if we can’t send you at least one wholesales offer for your car within 5 working days. There’s no refund if you don’t want to accept any of the offers made by wholesale buyers.

The Start up fee is non-refundable in case you’ve chosen the Consignment pack. The Success fee is only charged when your car is actually sold.

How do the Consignment Start up- and Success fee work exactly?
If you’re interested in the Consignment pack we will together agree on a minimal net result. In other words, this is the price we expect that the car will be sold for with both fees already deducted. In case you would like to proceed we will invoice you the start up fee (€ 450). From there on you will liase directly with our Sales partner and they will eventually pay out the final net result (price paid minus success fee). The success fee is 8% of the final price paid with a minimum of € 1500.

Good to know:

  • Please consider that these fees are needed to cover all marketing, trade and warranty costs.
  • In comparison: Wholesale buyers will aim to buy cars at 20-30% below market prices of similar cars.
  • Our Sales partner reserves the right to cancel the Consignment agreement after inspection on the arrival day of your car at the Sales outlet. In that case you will get a refund of the Start up fee.

You will have the right to pull back your car from the agreement once it’s up for sale. There will be no refund of the Start up fee in that case. You will need to pay an additional € 150 to our Sales partner to cover re-marketing and storage costs.

How long will it take to sell my car when using the Consignment pack and can I still use it once it’s up for sale?
Used cars are generally sold within +/- 2 months. This is why we suggest to start offering it 2 months prior to your departure. You can either decide to leave the car at our Sales partner or keep using it after they’ve done the photo shoot. In the latter case this means that you will need to drop your car at the Sales partner if there’s a prospect customer for your car.

Good to know:

  • In both cases you will need to keep the car insured until it’s sold.
  • You will automatically stop paying road tax after your car is sold.
  • If your car isn’t sold within 2 months we will contact you to suggest an alternative plan. This could be a newly agreed minimal net result or using the Wholesale pack instead. Either way, no additional charges will be made.

You can also choose to let our Sales Partner start offering your car after you’ve left The Netherlands.

Am I still liable for my previous car after it has been sold?
You have a legal responsibility to mention all obvious defects you are aware of or should have been aware of. Please make sure to do so when you offer the car to us so we can mention these to the wholesale buyer or consignment partner.