The right deal for the right price

Buy or lease a car?

Whether it’s leasing or buying a car you’re after, finding your next car in another country is time consuming and complex. Our service packs and extra services help you to find the right deal. We search and compare used cars or lease plans and give you a fully independent advise. After this, we will help you through the whole process to finish the deal with the best possible result.

Not sure if you should  buy or lease? Book your free mobility consult and we’ll help you to make the right decision.

We guarantee:

Premium pack used cars

Already made up your mind
  • Mobility consult
  • We search and compare
  • You get 3-5 options
  • Service/damage check
  • Car dealership verification
  • Price negotation: 100% ROI*

Premium + pack used cars

Completely hassle free
  • Mobility consult
  • We search and compare
  • You get 3-5 options
  • Service/damage check
  • Car dealership verification
  • Price negotiation: 100% ROI*

Private lease Pack

Custom made for expats. Only at Car Butlers
  • Mobility consult
  • Independent lease comparison
  • Flexible plans, cancel every month
  • Simplified credit check conditions
  • New cars of premium brands
  • Delivery within a week

Good to know:
We send our Premium pack reports within 24 hours after payment. *The 100% return on investment on our Premium plus pack means that we guarantee that our negotiation results in at least € 250 lowered price or added value.  

If you already have a car that you would like to trade-in then please request a call back so we can discuss your options.

  • All prices include 21% BTW (VAT)
  • Check our FAQ page for extra information on our service packs.

Leasing or renting a car in The Netherlands
We advise you to consider leasing or renting a car if your stay is rather short. 

Private lease: The freedom of not owning a car
Private (short) lease can be the right alternative if your stay in The Netherlands is longer than 6 months but no longer than 2 years. Please note that your monthly costs will in general be higher than when you own a car. There won’t be any surprises on the other hand. A private lease contract usually excludes petrol but includes:

  • insurance
  • taxes
  • maintenance/repairs
  • road assistance

The requirements for getting a private lease contract can however be challenging for new arrivals due to a lack of credit history in The Netherlands. In general, lease companies do not accept private lease requests because of this. 

Thanks to partnerships with a selection of lease partners we can now exclusively request and compare lease proposals for expats. Book your free consult to find out more.

Car rental: the short term solution
Consider car rental if your stay in The Netherlands is no longer than 6 months. It’s another good option for when your stay is rather short but you don’t know exactly how long. Car rental offers ultimate flexibility and the option to change the type of car during your rental contract. Request a consult so we can find out together what your options are.